Case Management Services

HIV Case Management is a client-centered model of care designed to empower HIV positive clients through service coordination, resource development and linkage and referrals to assist with facilitating access to medical care. This service also assists clients with gaining the tools necessary for them to be their own advocates and learn how to navigate the health care and social services systems to improve health outcomes and increase the quality of life. Services are provided by trained and experienced Case Managers.

High Risk Homeless Case Management is a client centered care model focusing on homeless population. Services are provided to assist clients with addressing housing issues along with Substance Abuse and Mental Health challenges. The program is designed to offer Critical Time Intervention (CTI) and assist client with applying for eligibility determination through SOAR  ( SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery Services).

Meet Our Case Management Team

Shelby Holland, Clinical Director

Allison Gemma, HIV Case Manager

Annette Huffstead, HIV  Case Manager

Stephanie Biancovisco, HIV Case Manager

Alyssa  Shepherd, HIV Case Manager

Maurice MCLeod, High Risk Homeless Case Manager

Tonya Lawrence, High Risk Homeless Case Manager